Converting Heat to Dollars

When sunlight hits a road, light energy converts to heat energy, warming the pavement.   When a car burns gas to accelerate, waste heat is produced as a byproduct.  Even the human body is a heat source.  We live in a world that is surrounded by heat flows.   Themoelectric generation can create value from this heat.

Thermoelectric generation is the direct conversion of heat energy into electrical energy.   It is a solid state technology that can scale in size to applications in electric generation ranging from microwatts to kilowatts and above.   And, there are many possibilities --- electrical energy can be produced from hot engines, warm pavements, geothermal sources, thermal gradients in ocean currents ..... and even body heat!

TXL Group, Inc. is a Texas corporation that develops and manufactures small scale thermoelectric solutions for harvesting low level heat energy.   The Company's primary focus is in capturing environmental heat energy in order to generate the electricity that can augment or entirely replace batteries in sensor and actuator applications, allowing long term operation without the need for external power sources or battery replacement.

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