A successful thermoelectric implementation requires a systems perspective. Evaluating the mechanical and electrical issues prior to component selection is imperative. The following kits will highlight these issues.

For Hand Heat Demonstration the TXL-DMO-01 allows an immediate demonstration of thermoelectric generation using something we all have --- body heat. The kit combines the TXL-127-25Q thermoelectric generator together with a VB0410-1 bootstrap module, high brightness LED and wire connections in order to allow easy experimentation. Suggested experiments are included. This is the perfect starting point for the budget conscious, and allows a quick evaluation, whether for a science fair project or a commercial roll-out.

For In-Depth Analysis the TXL-DVK-02 thermoelectric developers kit highlights the physics, the potential and the "tricks-of-the-trade" needed for a Waste Heat Harvest® solution. This completely self-contained kit allows the construction of prototypes for many device applications with easily reconfigurable modular components. A 24 page manual describes the theory and presents targeted experiments on interfacing, heat sources/sinks, electronic conversion, thermoelectric heat pumping and deployment options.

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