When voltage from a TEG does not match the load requirement

                                ...... add a converter

VB Voltage Boost converters are self-oscillating DC-DC converters that convert the very low voltage obtained in many thermoelectric applications into higher, more usable voltages. There are three members of the family allowing efficient conversion for input voltages ranging from 40 mV to 1.5 volts. The converters are available for use with both unipolar and bipolar inputs. These devices can play a role in thermoelectric generation from low level environmental gradients including body heat as showcased in the video on the right.

The VB0410-1 (-2 for bipolar version) can boost power at input voltages as low as 40 mV into enough power at 2.7 volts (a gain of 70) to light a green or white LED. The VB0815-1 is targeted at applications having an input voltage of 80 mV or higher and offers a higher conversion efficiency. The VB1299-1 is targeted at applications having an input voltage over 120 mV and offers the highest conversion efficiencies in the line. The three voltage boost boards are identical in construction but differ in component value. They are color coded as gold, silver and white, for respectively, the VB0410, VB0815 and VB1299 boost converters.

For Energy Accumulation, when thermoelectric power generation is at a low level or intermittent, the ACC-01 accumulates charge on an on-board 0.1 Farad super capacitor, releasing power according to hardware programmed setpoints. This allows intermittent duty for powering sensors and actuators, in particular, for applications where a wireless transmission burst can be used to broadcast information at intermittent intervals. An onboard programming header allows user programs to be developed, using the ACC-01 as a programming platform.

For Regulated Output the X0122 uses self-oscillation to accept input voltages from 400 millivolts to 5 volts, efficiently converting it to a regulated D.C. output with a switch selectable voltage of 1.8 volts, 3.3 volts or 5.0 volts. This regulator is suitable for converting input power from photovoltaic, thermoelectric or electrochemical cells. This is a buck/boost converter so it can implement both up and down conversion.

For Higher Level Power Conversion the Y0701 programmable boost converter can take input voltages as low as 2.8 volts and deliver up to 8 watts of output power at a selectable voltage of from 6 to 36 volts. This converter is particularly useful for battery charge applications.

For A Strobed Output the VBStrobe charge storage board accumulates charge from an external 2.3 volt to 10 volt source and then releases that stored energy in bursts. By changing onboard resistors and capacitors, a user can tailor the circuit for targeted applications.

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