Converting Heat to Dollars


When sunlight hits a road,

the result is hot pavement. When a car burns gas, waste heat is produced. Even the human body is a heat source. We live in a world surrounded by heat flows. Themoelectric generation can create value from this heat.

Thermoelectric generation is a solid state heat to electricity conversion technology for the generation of microwatts to kilowatts and above. Using this technology, electrical energy can be produced from hot engines, warm pavements, thermal gradients in ocean currents, ...... even body heat!

TXL Group, Inc.

is a Texas corporation that develops and manufactures thermoelectric solutions for heat energy harvest. The Company's primary focus is in capturing environmental heat energy to augment or replace the batteries in sensor and actuator applications including an ever growing Internet-of-Things.

TXL Group's

business is the development and manufacture of thermoelectric technology with a specific focus on thermoelectric systems for power generation from environmental heat flows. Founded in 2007, the company maintains an active research program to enhance TE conversion efficiencies at a price point that will encourage widespread deployment.

TXL Group

maintains an active consulting practice in devising thermoelectric solutions for diverse applications and welcomes inquiries for collaborative efforts in migrating thermoelectric technology out of the lab and into the marketplace. Sometimes the right fit is not met by TXL's product suite.

That's OK! The staff at TXL Group knows the industry and can assist in referrals to the appropriate technology partners.

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2000 Wyoming Ave.
El Paso, TX 79903 USA

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