We Provide Modules And Conditioning Electronics -- You Supply The Load

Our modules use specially doped bismuth telluride thermoelements. Yielding a performance sweet spot from -20 oC to +80 oC (-4 oF to +176 oF).
They have a large number of thermoelements Allowing the generation of relatively high voltages from relatively low temperature gradients. -
The thermoelements are "tall". Reducing diffusive heat loss from limited capacity heat sources and sinks in the environment.
The white alumina supports on either side of the module are lapped. Providing a flat, smooth surface that enhances thermal contact with a flat heat sink.
Our regulators can boost ultra-low TEG voltages To increase the voltages produced by low temperature gradients.
They can buck high TEG voltages. To prevent overvoltage on the electrical load.
They can regulate TEG open circuit voltage. To provide a fixed output voltage.
They can match TEG and load impedances. Improving power transfer to the load.

TXL Group

also offers design kits to aid in the design and evaluation of practical thermoelectric solutions.

TXL Group can design and manufacture custom systems incorporating modules, voltage conversion and interfacing to thermal reservoirs.

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